Monday, February 16, 2015

This is a collection of controversial comments from my YT channel. This will help to discover the secret of popularity.


why aren't we funding this??

Technically an ideal perpetual motion machine should have 0% efficiency, since it has to use 100% of it's energy to keep itself running. Imagine an engine that can only work while left alone, without doing work to anything else... Would you say it's very efficient? 

If perpetual motion is fake explain how a planet can rotate for how ever long it does. Then explain how it rotates around the sun and so on. It's obvious existence figured out a way to make it happen

It's seriously amazing how this guy makes things looks so legit!

I think that gravity can change the way of producing electricity without harming the environment 

These are pretty ridiculous. False!

Do people still actually buy into this sort of nonsense? 

everything in the universe is in perpetual motion

Anyone who believes in perpetual motion machines need to get their facts checked. Thermodynamics prohibits any machinery to work forever without dissipating energy. Ultimately, they will stop

All fake but very well done

this channel is so awesome, its the ultimate in troll physics

I think free energy is possible. It may not be practical in huge forms, but it is possible 

For those who think free energy is impossible to get, you're wrong ! Ok, you can't get nothing from nothing (basics of physics), but the fact is there is not "nothing". Each object on our planet Earth is affected by one force : gravity ! 

It makes me weep for humanity... the number of people who can look at a video of motorized novelty toys, and think that the laws of physics no longer apply


  1. The Earth's rotation is slowing down, both around it's axis and it's falling towards the sun, the moon is getting closer. All at really slow rates but measurable by scientists.

  2. How to collimate it ,accurate the timing and does it works.i am unable to collimate it,and unable to rotate it